The hospitality & tourism industry drives a remarkable contribution to the Saudi gross national production, and its future is promising. The rapid growth of the hospitality sector in the kingdom has brought the attention to the fertile investment opportunities in the market. We are accordingly expecting to witness within the years to come further booming and prosperity to the industry, led by the private sector, impact of which will reveal on the suburbs and developing zones, as well as the demand on Saudi manpower... Based on the said, we have based our vision to support the Saudi youth, not only for catering to the local market requirements, but also to prepare them for competing at international level and answer to global needs. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our institutes' valuable associates and students, whom I wish all the best of achievement and success in delivering this ethical social mission, and I am all confident that this higher institute will turn into a cultural hub and become a shining star to the hospitality and tourism future.