Overseas Scholarships

The Swiss HTMi Institute is ranked No. 12 in the Register of the Best Global Universities. And based on the cooperation and employment agreement with the Higher Institute for Tourism and Hospitality, the institute’s graduates have an exceptional opportunity, after obtaining the diploma to pursue studies in HTMi Switzerland to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Nevertheless, the Institute also offers a scholarship to diploma holders who pass the English test requirements.Moreover, the study at HTMI allows candidates to experience the most prestigious tourism culture in the world where participants get the chance to develop their time task management skills as well as their creative thinking & leadership skills through engaging with the latest hospitality management standards and craft-based learning in addition to the applied theme events & intensified “on the job” operations training. Furthermore, the selected candidates benefit from improving their HR & team building skills as a result of interacting within a cosmopolitan environment where people from various backgrounds gather in one dynamic hospitality hub where quality is the core value.