Many graduates of our institute are already working in your organization. We shall very much appreciate and be grateful to you if you can spare some of your valuable time to fill up this satisfaction survey form. It will help us improve the quality of training at our institute further and provide you better employees in the future.

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About the Student1234
Job specific skills
General communication skills
Responsibility at work
Self - Motivation
Subject Knowledge
Overall Job performance
About the Institute1234
The institute prepares employees for specific jobs
The institute was able to relate material to workplace
Trainers were effective in their teaching
The institute follows international standards
The institute used up-to-date equipment, facilities and materials
I recommend the institute to others
About the Program1234
Assessment was at an appropriate standard
The content focused on relevant skills
Program duration was appropriate
Training had a good mix of theory and practice
The program is related and reflecting the industry requirements
The content up-to-date regarding current practices in business