Programme Objectives and Courses

  • Familiarize trainees to the F.O. Structure and terminology, importance of effective communication, introduce trainees to the PMS and its functions, graduate will be skilled in Reservation Process, Check-in Check-out, and different formats used at hotels.
  • Occupations: Reservation, telephone operator, concierge, guest relations.

Programme Details

Presents a systematic approach of front office procedures by detailing the flow of business in hotels, such as reservation, check-in, check-out and settlement processes. The course also examines the various elements of effective front office management, paying attention to the planning of front office operations. Front office procedures and management are placed within the context of the overall operation of a hotel.

  • Age “ 18 – 40 “.
  • High School graduates.
  • Aptitude Test “ HRDF “.
  • Gosi Clearance Proof .
  • Proof of not receiving any subsidy from HRDF.
  • Health fitness.
  • English entry level.

  • Mode of delivery: Face-to-face, blended learning platforms, online, research, student centered learning, tutorials, lecture, presentations, assessments, project-based assignments, and applied learning.
  • Final assessment: Written/Practical exams and final projects.
  • Graduation requirements: 50%.
  • Total contact hours: 400 - 500 hours full-time.
  • Duration of program: Academic Study: 3 Months and Work Placement / Internship: 1 Month.

Students who successfully complete the program (academic study and work placement/internship) will be awarded with the Certificate in Front Office Course by HTMi. Saudi Arabia – Higher Institute for Tourism & Hospitality.

  • English Language.
  • Communication Skills.
  • Front Office Techniques (1).
  • Front Office Techniques (2).
  • Hospitality Computer Applications (OPERA).
  • Field Training.

Course will be completed in 4 Months, total hours for delivery are 408

Graduates build applicable skills through knowledge in hospitality management coupled with a broad education and awareness of skills and attitudes which will prepare students for responsible leadership roles in the hospitality industry.