Programme Objectives and Courses

  • Classification of restaurants.
  • Restaurant management.
  • Planning the menu.
  • Management of production in restaurants.
  • Know the terms of the hotel used in restaurants.
  • Ensure the work inside the restaurant.
  • Ability to use the POS system "Micros".
  • Ability to service hotel customers.
  • Selection of equipment.
  • Financial management of restaurants.
  • Practice and demonstrate industry-standard knowledge and skills regarding sanitation, personal hygiene, and safety procedures.
  • Practice and demonstrate skills and knowledge required of professional restaurant business and apply them to commercial operations.
  • Synthesize foodservice concepts, business principles.
  • Anticipate and manage labor and market analysis, menu and service systems, restaurant metrics and banquet - catering presentation.
  • Demonstrate purchasing responsibilities by writing food specifications, applying best purchasing practices, interpreting market trends, using new technology applications, and analyzing operational cost controls.
  • Utilize interpersonal skills to lead/manage first-level employees in a restaurant setting.
  • Manage a restaurant open to the public and evaluate the process and outcomes.
  • Develop an extensive business portfolio that displays the student's resume, cover let, skill set, work philosophy, and career goals.

Programme Details

The program has been designed based on the need of the local market to specialize in the management of restaurants as the world is witnessing an increasing increase in catering services in hotels or independent restaurants with a sophisticated template that simulates the tastes of different people of all levels. The program includes training in basic skills in specialization such as restaurant management, catering skills, party services, cost accounting, menu planning.

  • Age “ 18 – 33 “.
  • High School graduates.
  • Aptitude Test “ HRDF “.
  • Gosi Clearance Proof .
  • Proof of not receiving any subsidy from HRDF.
  • Health fitness.
  • English entry level.

  • Mode of delivery: Face-to-face, blended learning platforms, online, research, student centered learning, tutorials, lecture, presentations, assessments, project-based assignments, and applied learning.
  • Final assessment: Written/Practical exams and final projects.
  • Graduation requirements: 60%.
  • Total contact hours: 2200 - 2300 hours full-time.
  • Duration of program: Academic Study: 18 Months and Work Placement / Internship: 6 Months.

Students who successfully complete the program (academic study and work placement/internship) will be awarded with the Certificate in Restaurant Management Diploma by HTMi. Saudi Arabia – Higher Institute for Tourism & Hospitality.

Course is a two years program, 2256 training hours

Graduates build applicable skills through knowledge in Restaurant management coupled with a broad education and awareness of skills and attitudes which will prepare students for responsible leadership roles in the service industry.